General Information

Trademark Search application allows you to do search trademarks, dossier details and get help about application. Application has three pages:

1) Trademark Search
    You can search a trademark by using Trademark Name, Firm Name, Regist. Publ. Bulletin No, Trademark Announ. Bulletin No, TPI Client No and Nice Classes fields. Search results are listed on pages and you can see trademark details by clicking    button at the Detail column. You can do local search on results and sort results according to Application No, Protection Date, Trademark Name, Trademark Holder and Nice Classes headers.
    You can export search results in MS-Excel and PDF formats. To export result data in MS-Excel format, click   button and to export result data in PDF format click button in result page. If number of rows in result page is less than or equal to 100, PDF will be exported with trademark figures and if it is bigger than 100, PDF will be exported without figures.

2) Dossier Search
     You can use Application No, Registration No, Grant No and International Grant No for make research about a dossier. Search results are classified at three tabs which are Trademark Information, Nice Classes Information and Transaction Information.

3) Help
    You can get information about application and find answers to your questions at Frequently Asked Questions part. Also you can send e-mail to official e-mail address about wishes, advices and questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I want to do a research about a trademark name. How do I search by the application?

    At Trademark Search page, write trademark name you want to search to Trademark Search field, enter VerificationCode and click Search button. You can find information about your trademark name search through the results.

2) How can I see transactions on a file?

    At Dossier Search page, write dossier application no to Application No field, write Verification Code and click Search button. At result page, click Transaction Information tab.

3) I do a research about a trademark name. How can I see details of a trademark from the result list?

    There is Detail column at left side of the result list. You can click   button and you can see details of the trademark at details page.

4) Can I sort the search results?

    At result page, by clicking Application No, Protection Date, Trademark Name, Trademark Holder and Nice Classes headers. you can sort the results.

5) I just want to focus on Application No and Trademark Name at results. Can I hide other columns at results?

    At the top of the result list, there is a toolbar. Click the Columns button and uncheck which columns you want to hide.